#V3 Testnet #Feedback 0

#V3 Testnet #Feedback

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1.Search engine filter, choose from low to high price.

In the process of using it, I tested it for the first time because there were not many ZKS and USDT in it, so I wanted to find a commodity with a suitable price, and then in the process of going through time, the price of the commodity was much higher than mine. Assets, the experience of the whole selection process is not very good, the whole product takes up a lot of my time in choosing the product, and the selection process is inefficient. If I say that, if I can quickly narrow the price range of my products through the browser in the process of choosing my price, I may reach it in my heart. In a limited range, choose the most suitable products, the whole shopping process is equally efficient and fast, and it does not feel that it takes too much time. Then you can quickly choose your favorite products in this way.

2 Select NFT type

In addition, I think the big problem with this new function is that many NFT types are not clear enough and the content is very messy. Each NFT has its own characteristics, but if the NFT can be divided into types, the whole selection will be more effective. , Instead of all kinds of categories are piled up together, making it difficult for users to find their favorite products in a short time, so I suggest that when selling or buying, the mall can filter according to the product category, and then Each NFT has its own unique category, and it can also sell the product more effectively when it is recommended. If only a single product is displayed on it, the desire of customers to browse and purchase will decrease, and the conversion rate of transactions will decrease.

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