#V3 Testnet #Feedback BEST!

#V3 Testnet #Feedback
Add a shopping cart, but you can temporarily not place an order. Place an order within a limited time.

Through the content in the mall, I found that there are many NFTs for users to choose from, but not every user will place an order immediately. Sometimes it may appear. Now I don’t have so much funds, but I really want to have it. The user experience can be improved by adding a shopping cart. When I first used it, I saw a lot of NFTs. I wanted to add my favorite categories first, and then compare and select them at the end. But found that this mall lacks this feature. If possible, add the right amount of some products to the shopping cart in advance, then I can finally choose the one I like. Or next time I have sufficient funds, I can filter out the products I like directly through the shopping cart. At the same time, the NFT in the shopping cart must be purchased within a certain period of time, or it may become invalid. This can greatly promote the efficiency of transactions.

Add the function of bookmarking NFT or bookmarking sellers
Whether it is an excellent product or an excellent seller, I suggest that we can add a collection function. Because if we like a seller’s product, we will often spend and buy in this seller many times. Through the collection function, transactions with sellers can be more convenient.