#V3 Testnet #Feedback (dafanshu)

User experience issues :
1. NFTs are not easy to search , as i saw , we can only search NFTs by ID , but what if a user who doesn’t know the ID ? i just want to explore some pictures but not sure which to buy, it’s really foolish to search one picture from huge resources by clicking next page again and again .
a. create a category button to allow users filter by categories they are interested in ?
b. Allow users to search by keywork instead of ID ?
2. Users are not able to create a favorites list.
allow users to add favorites and everyone can see how many people are interested in this NFT.

3. Users are able to buy one NFT multi times even he already owned.
steps tp reproduce :
a. navigate to mall https://v3.zks.app/en/nft/mall
b. click buy button on the NFT card (do not click into it)
c. there will be a popup to say you bought that successfully (that’s ok).
d. close the popup and click the buy button again .
e. there should be an error but not.

4. As a creator , am i able to get more benefit from future deals ?
Creator → buyer1 → buyer2 → buyerxxx . for each arrow in the chain, i didn’t see any information about the fees in the transactions page ?

5. As a beginner , i don’t understand what NFT ID is , i think it’s better to add some tooltips on that field.

6. Order confirm popup doesn’t disappear automatically , not sure if this is the design.

I just started using it , will keep this posted if i found more things.


i’ve no idea why I’m not able to edit above content anymore, so put the latest updates in comments.

12-09 update:
----------- 1 --------------
An error happen when clicking the v2 button , it navigates me to unknown address .
截屏2021-07-08 下午9.26.48

----------- 2 --------------
on the recommendation page , do you think it’s better to put the price in the card ? it’s convenience for users .

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12-11 update:
The recommendation is not intelligent .
please see bellow picture , it recommends my NFTs to myself . does your team think that makes sense?

12-12 update:
would suggest to allow users to update description for NFTs.