#V3 testnet #feedback and suggestion

I’ve tested zkswap v3 and following are some of my observation and feedback for your consideration:

  1. Possible bug found when depositing L2
    Clicking on view more shows nothing on the pop up detail page while the transaction is in ‘Confirming’ status. Is it supposed to show the same Etherscan details instead? The details are only visible once the transaction has successfully completed. Would be useful to have all these information even during ‘Confirming’ status to give users more info while waiting for the transaction to complete.

  1. Suggest to include drag and drop function for the NFT picture upload.

  2. When clicking on NFT tab at the top, the page at the bottom shows random NFT that changes to next NFT every few seconds. If the intention is to try to capture users’ interest to entice them to purchase then may I suggest to have a row of 5-10 NFTs in 2 rows. The pictures shown will be smaller in sized but users can see more NFTs at one go. Users can then click on the picture to go into detail page to see more info or buy them.

  3. Search box that ask for NFT ID needs to be enhance to search by different types. Names, categories, etc. This search is properly still in early stage and not ready to use yet as I don’t think users would know the NFT ID or want to search for the ID.
    There should also be some filters to filter out some pictures and sorting by price, dates, etc.

  4. When trying to purchase an NFT, I noticed that there is a balance amount but I’m not sure what this balance refers. For clarity, there should be a total cost that includes price of NFT + gas fee + any other fee that the platform is charging.

Thanks and good work there.
My address: 0x0FA22115aD3d49B39696A0f7422caBcabD68AE19