#V3 Testnet Feedback# my feedback from test ZKswap tesnet v3

The deposit for me was very smooth but at the time of confirmation it took a long time about 5 minutes, so what just happened to me. for the mint nft I have a few problems such as not being able to mint an image. I don’t know why because there is only information “Unknown error”. Though the image I use is not more than 10mb. But when I replace with another image it works. For the profile section in the banner and profile section, please add it when you are going to install the image so. For transactions on L2 zkswap, it’s like a smooth and fast token swap, I like this. For this transaction to sell or buy NFT, it is very easy and fast, either using pair $USDT $ZKS Or $ETH.When I buy NFT this is immediately visible on my profile, also when I sell NFT that is being sold I can also see it so this is very easy. For the transaction section, it’s very easy because Registered properly. Withdrawals are also very fast and easy, and the process is even faster than when depositing funds. The rest for the UI looks good. I’m using this on a mobile phone Using the browser in desktop mode so maybe it’s more or less noticeable, I hope this can support the mobile version as it can be opened in daps metamask so it is very easy for mobile phone users like me to use. I hope this helps zkswap Better and can continue to improve this. From my feedback above I also include some screenshots,So that it can be an illustration when used on a mobile phone, that’s all I can give from my experience trying the ZKswap testnet, thank you

twitter account : @way_rista
L2 wallet addres :0x5ad8b26420f96d1b547f8a20f5805b2b57eb904c