#V3 Testnet Feedback# My Feedback

Here is my feedback:

  1. On the Buy NFT popup, you have the seller address. It would be nice if this was a link that you can easily click and view the sellers other items, history, etc.

  2. In the NFT mall, if you only have USDT, or only have ETH for example, you might only want to see NFTs being sold in that particular coin. You don’t want to scroll through pages of NFTs being sold in a coin you don’t have, so maybe you can filter by coin.

  3. Maybe you can filter by the price too, for example, only show NFTs in a certain price range. Maybe you can even sort by price.

  4. When I’m buying an NFT, show me the total I will pay (Price + Gas).

  5. I love the rocket ship after a transaction is complete.

  6. Not sure if this is a testnet thing, but it allowed me to buy the same NFT twice.

  7. POSSIBLE BUG! ZKS transaction went through (NFT purchase). USDT transaction did not the first time. It said it did, I confirmed, the rocket ship launched, but the transfer didn’t occur. I tried again later (left the page, came back) and it worked.

  8. There is no scroll bar in my browser (chrome Version 96.0.4664.93).

  9. I tried to mint an NFT, it said I have insufficient balance in my wallet, but it did not tell me (on the site) how much I need! I found this info in the tutorial. It would be nice if it told me in the error how much I need.

  10. The Mining button does nothing.

  11. How do I see how much I have earned after providing liquidity into a pool? It’s not clear.