Welcome #V3 Testnet #Feedback

after doing testnet V3 there are easy and there are drawbacks for me … but all that I can overcome … => the description in V3, must be a few percent longer than the sales commission fee. That’s the standard. Optional - for additional fields. by launching the sharing feature… =>NFT projects where NFT has statistics. I can’t do it here. Batch minting - If we want to sell 5, or 10 NFT, we can do it for some amount. It would be great to do this in ZKswap V3. This is basic. On the NFT explorer, the constant stream of NFT is of no use to anyone, it’s 17 pages and unusable. Let people filter NFT,+++! add elastic search to title and description. No one will search by ID like you have now. This is minimal. Or remove the exploration aspect altogether, and focus on a better experience. If you let me buy, for the cost of L2, great. Give me some input, sales/exploration… I’d drop it if you can easily compete, but still be cost effective. This is a competitive advantage…++++

some i have to say

Deposit money (+ faucet) from l1 to l2 Rinkeby - I don’t know if there was a UI error but without updating the page I didn’t see that money was credited to l2 wallet + price of ETH was not right in recalculation to USD (I deposited 1 eth and it was carculated as ± 90 USD).

NFT - I tried all available options on the ZKswap = mint, buy, sell.

Mint NFT = everything worked well, simple, clear. My opinion: try also to add field “collection” NFT inside which we could to add already existings NFTs (from creator).

Buy NFT = I miss the “filters”, I didn’t put that much money into l2 and it took me a long time to find the NFT at an affordable price. It would also be good to insert filters for purchases in ETH, USDT, USDC (or convert all this to USDT, for example) + also “bid” function or search “collections”.

After purchase “NFT purchase submitted, Please view transactions.” I think it would be better if instead of this description it would directly move the user to his NFT profile (where he will see the purchased NFT).