#v3 testnet #feedback Advantages and Disadvantages In NFT

after I did a V3 testnet there was an easy one and there were drawbacks for me… but I can handle all of that, while the features in V3 are better, there is a purchase commission that is longer than the selling fee. That’s the truth. Many sales charge a high price here for NFT. =>

Nfc projects where NFT has its own statistics. I can’t do that here, because it’s hard to buy at a very high price beyond the testnet balance I have, If we want to sell 5, or 10 NFT, we can do it for a certain price. It would be great to do this in ZKswap V3. This is good, but at the cheapest price. On the NFT explorer, the constant stream of NFT is useless to anyone, many pages and unusable. Let people filter NFT, add elastic search to NFT titles and descriptions. No one will search by TX ID like you have now. This is minimal. Or remove the exploration aspect altogether, and focus on a better experience. If you let me buy NFT, for the cost of L2 it’s great. Give me some input, sales/exploration… I’ll give it if you can compete easily, but still cost-effectively. This is a competitive advantage. a few things i should say Deposit money (faucet) from L1 to L2 Rinkeby,even - I don’t know if there is any UI error but without updating the page I don’t see that money is credited to l2 wallet with incorrect Etherium price in recalculation to USD ,=to mint NFT, Mint NFT = everything works fine, simple, clear, and very good. I think also add an NFT collection field in which we can add existing NFT (from the printer). Buy NFT = I miss the speed in buying, for the cheap price, because I don’t have that much money balance to l2 and it took a long time to find NFT at an affordable price. It’s a good idea to enter a filter for purchases in ETH, or USDT, (for example) as well as the “offers” function or search for “collections”. After purchase “NFT Purchase delivered, Please view transaction.” I think it would be better if instead of this description it would directly move the user to his/her NFT profile (where he/she will see the purchased NFT). that’s my suggestion About Testnet in V3…advice for NFT printers to sell Don’t make your work too high, so that we can all feel the purchase of NFT on this V3 testnet, thank you…for zkswap, good luck always and be the best ojek anywhere…good luck to Zkswap V3,nice zkswap…

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