#V3 testnet #feedback suggestions for V3

I feel that the V3 testnet this time is much more perfect than the previous V2 testnet. First, from the way I carried out various interesting features in V3, the features were very much compared to V2, but the problem for me was the problem of face-to-face transactions for buying and selling NFT which in my opinion is good, there is a printing NFT project, but there are obstacles in me, from making NFT I already understand but how the NFT transaction that I do can be successful. In terms of sales, the NFT that I print can be sold quickly as long as I set a low price, even though it’s just a testnet. very difficult, because they set a very high price benchmark,!!!

so it is difficult for me to buy, my advice to the zkswap admin to review, so that my transactions, all of us on testnet can succeed in implementing a relatively smaller NFT price , don’t be too high because this is just a testnet, not a real one, so that we can all feel how to do it can I buy NFT transactions smoothly…that’s an appeal from me, and maybe we all hope, if later at launch the price is higher it’s not a problem for you, but this is just a testnet please buy and sell NFT prices don’t be too high in applying NFT prices , that’s a suggestion for me about the V3 testnet, there are good things and there are drawbacks, the drawback from this V3 users is not from this V3 testnet, thank you, hopefully it will be the best in this V3, and success for V3 :+1:

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Hi, yes I am struggling with some aspects of my newley printed NFTs. I would like to view them without transfering to ETH mainnet

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