#V3 Testnet #Feedback team strength

There are many interesting things in this V3 test, there are also drawbacks in my opinion… 1. the advantages of V3 on this testnet are very good, in terms of the appearance of the wallet which is more perfect than v2, and the swap pool , as well as swap trading which is quite easy… it makes it easier for all of us to access all the coins we want, … a lot we met buying and selling NFT which in my opinion is also good, so we help each other to have the NFT that we all hope for… 2. the drawback, in my opinion the drawback, is that sometimes I don’t understand how to sell the NFT which is difficult to sell, and the network that must be repaired, I want to buy NFT very easily, as long as there is sufficient balance to buy it, now the problem when selling the NFT is very difficult to sell, is it possible because the NFT we sell is not attractive or is it too expensive, I hope there is an easy way for me, so I can easily sell the NFT. application glitches? is it because my signal is not good, please fix it on the zkswap V3 team, thank you…!!!

Just for me some simple point are missing/lacking :

Unable to filter any nft, user should be able to filter as it’s possible on other major nft exchange (opensea, solanart…). It could be by crypto used for sell (ZKS, ETH…), amount min/max that user would like to use, seller…

Another idea could be a filter (checkbox), only showing NFT that use can buy (regarding his wallet amount).

Unable to sort, after filtering, sorting is one of the most important thing. User should be able to sort by value (ascending or descending), by listing date, last modified date…

The withdrawing from L2/L1 is really slow, I guess (hope) it’s link to testnet but it takes for me some hours… I didn’t face the same issue for deposit, so weird. For me it’s important to try so find a way to speed up nft withdrawing, it helps for users adoption and trust.

Address Wallet :