#V3 Testnet Feedback# by Havok

The Testnet L2 wallet and trade functions were straightforward and similar to other similar apps. The platform operated efficiently and was definitely something I could see myself using. I would suggest discerning the navigation bar either with a different color background or as buttons. Similarly, I would suggest that the Wallet UI be modified so that Deposit/Send/Withdraw functions are more clearly distinguished as buttons. The way they are presented now, they may not be clear to someone who is unfamiliar with these apps/functions. I would also consider reflecting the value of the currencies in the trade functions in fiat, as I would not see it otherwise until it appeared in the swap history.

With respect to NFTs, I think that the sell function needs to be made much more prominent. Intuitively, I would expect to see a buy and sell button in the NFT wallet. Additionally, although it is clear you can buy NFTs when navigating the NFT page, it is not intuitive at all to locate the sell NFT function in the drop down menu. I would consider making a button to List/Sell NFT alongside the Mint button.

In the swap function, every time I have tried to swap the “max” of a coin, I am told I have insufficient funds and I need to adjust the amount to be swapped to something slightly lesser due to the fees. I believe that almost negates the point of a max button. I think the algorithm should be written to actually allow me to use the max button and that the fees should be presented to be deducted from the amount swapped. A pet peeve of mine is having irrelevant amounts of coins in my wallets because I needed to have some for gas fees because I couldn’t just withdraw the max and having the fees deducted from that amount.

In terms of functionality, I think it operated extremely well. I do think however that there are minor adjustments that should be made to make the UI more intuitive.

Wallet address: 0xe43ecb7C6967a916188127F3759503D573B94c84

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