#V3 Testnet Feedback# #Feedback

Excellent work! Layout looks sharp, simple and attractive. This may sound dumb but I like the colors. It’s easy on the eyes and inviting. Feels “warm”. I would definitely be using in the future.


Nothing to comment on.
Swapping is very straight forward and similar to other DEX’s.

It would be nice to be able to:
-filter the NFT Mall by price (high to low or low to high) and token (ETH/USDT/ZKS, etc.)
-filter NFT’s by upload date
-filter by type or style of NFT
-be able to change amount of NFT’s displayed per page (10, 25, 100, etc.)
-be able to bookmark or save specific NFT’s to purchase or come back to later. It’s had to keep track if there hundreds of them. Another option is to have each NFT open in a new tab so you don’t have to lose your place in the NFT mall constantly going forwards and backwards. It’s pretty annoying having to find out which page you were on after it sends you back to Page 1 every time you go back a page.

When listing an NFT, it would be nice to have a button or arrow next to the selected currency to indicate how to change to a different type. It wasn’t very obvious how to change from the default ETH to USDT or ZKS so I just minted in ETH the first time.

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