V3 testnet feedback from Mohit

First thing first, I tried connecting my wallet on the laptop it was very smooth. Same thing I tried on mobile and there was a problem of selecting the wallet on metamask.

Second, I tried swapping on metamask, deposits were smooth, transactions took around 5 mins to process. I had to wait for it.

Third, I tried the NFT function, I could easily mint the new NFTs. I have a suggestion regarding the NFT mall, when I tried opening it on mobile, I couldnt see many nfts at a single go. So there should be an option where user can see 4-6 nfts on one screen. Like there can be a grid option of 4 or 9 grids. On the computer, the sizes can be adjusted to little small, my focus is still on watching more nfts in my limited time.
One more suggestion regarding nft can be user should be given an option to filter there choices like price filter, latest nft filter, most viewed filter. The NFTs can also be categorise so it is easy for someone to checkout only those items which they are passionate about. There are lot that can be done there.

Fourth, I really loved the “wallet connect option” which you put at many places its easier for people to do faster transaction.

Fifth, I have zero complains about the payment options it cant get better. The dex on the mobile could be more friendly and adjusted. There should be more NFT features which needs to be brought to the websites so that users can be more comfortable with finding the NFTs.

Good wishes for the future.

My address: 0xB6566aa1fEa71e789d45e9115eDBf3435d159f26