#V3 Testnet #Feedback goo new generation

First of all I have to say the design of ZKSwap V3 is very much awesome! It is really fresh and not mainstream! Good job for the designers and very matching colour choice!

I found some tokens in Rinkeby Testnet Network and listed them very easily and also very fast! That went quite smooth than I expected! I added more pairs to listed coins as well. This also went pretty fast and easy! I think the test for listing is quite successful!

Here is some suggestions may help ZKSwap to make it better!

Security! I do not know how will ZKSwap activate the coin listing feature but it needs a high level of security! When this become available, many scammers will appear to list their fake token address to scam people. This is such an annoying issue during token launches. Many fake token addresses were created just before the token launch to scam people. For no doubt these scammers will also try their luck here once token listing become available. Due to the decentralization, I can not and I do not want to suggest KYC for token listers but ZKSwap can add some reminders in the pages which alerts people to always check token address first. There can as well be a poll for coins which is filled by users to indicate if the listed token is legit or not. I can understand this can be manipulated but I believe the honest people in ZKSwap community is a lot more!

Tutorial Adding a tutorial for helping users how to list a nft is a great idea. I suggest to create video which includes as much as visual objects to help users for listing a nft.

These are all feedbacks so far from my side. It was a very smooth testnet and I am looking forward to see how it will develop!