#V3 Testnet Feedback# GOOD experience

hello and i used this protocol with a good expercience … i mena it was fast and fluient and has all the parts i lookig for speed and reliablity i am looking forward to more featres and the nfts marketplace is nice and fast for tx i found it smooth …
like i said it has all the parts i am looking for the fees are nice and cheap i know the zk network is working hard to improve so much and scale up so this project and its use case i do belive will prosper so well … its early and so far i like what i seeing wih zk side of l2 . i think its got a great layout for new users simple on eyes and not too much in screen to distract the users eyes from things important … the speed is awsome … the UI the graphics and code seems solid and fast … this is certainly a solution for many issues we all faced last year with gas … i feel grateful to try so early this one … and looking forward until mainnet soon i hope … i can see myself use this for sure … thanks

great job on the project and great future ahead thanks