#V3 Testnet Feedback##

The experience of using version 3 was good. I also used the version 2 and by comparison this is much smoother and more user friendly. The interface is good and I like the way the NFT marketplace is incorporated into the protocol architecture. Combined with the lower transaction costs this could really make the protocol a ‘one stop shop’, a place where you can do all the different kinds of transactions without having to move around too much. This is the kind of functionality and workflow that could help mainstream adoption.
The only problem I had was slow transaction speed but there is a lot of attention about ZK rollups at the moment on Crypto Twitter and on Youtube so I imagine this is driving a lot of interest and therefore traffic. Nonetheless I think it is probably important that ZK Sync does achieve speeds that are at least comparable to some of the other layer 1s that are getting attention at the moment.
I expect that as the protocol develops these minor issues will be resolved and I’m very excited at the prospect of being able to use ETH again as I gave a while ago because of the transaction costs and because of the unreliability of the network. I think that the fact that you can end up paying for a transaction that doesn’t go through on Ethereum has been a major frustration for many and has driven people off the network. It has also made many NFT projects inaccessible for those (like me) who don’t have lots of money. I’m looking forward to ZK Sync creating the possibility for access to high quality NFT projects on Ethereum and reliable transactions.
I’m also impressed by ZK Sync’s commitment to building community while it is in testnet stage, there is already a very good awareness of the project and this makes it a very good prospect for investment.