V3 Testnet Feedback from the average Joe

I was very excited to participate in this V3 testnet project. I believe that the most important concept for crypto adoption is the ability for all people to easily access, understand, afford and use the various platforms and applications. I consider myself to be an experienced crypto investor but not a programmer. I am fascinated with the technology and plan to become more involved with the mass adoption of crypto. I do know that Zk sync technology will be a huge push in obtaining that adoption. This project seems to solve the issues of high etherium gas fees which is HUGE! I have done very little trading of ERC -20 tokens lately due to the enormous gas fees. I have also steered away from NFT’s for that same reason. I did not particularly care for the white interface of this platform and prefer the darker one. Maybe it would be helpful to be able to toggle to either light or dark as I am sure this preference is divided . Other than that it was super easy to navigate, use, and understand. I performed many different swaps and experimented with the slippage. Everything went very smoothly. I performed swaps on several different days and did have an issue once with my wallet connecting one of these times. I am guessing the network might have been very busy or perhaps it may have even been a user error. I eventually was able to get back in. I did mint 2 NFT’s which was very fun for me. It gave me the opportunity to “practice” and now I will probably try it for real. I think it would be helpful to be able to search the NFT’s . I also navigated to the ZK Blockchain explorer and found it super easy to navigate and understand. I also checked out and joined the telegram group and was happy to find this option. Telegram groups are a key aspect of a project for users. I strongly prefer telegram to discord and actually will not use discord for many reasons that I dont need to get into here. Just noting that telegram is preferred for me. I was also very happy to see a link to the forums. I dont know if will be available for the mainnet but it will be very useful at this stage. I also found that vry easy to navigate and could easily tell that it is being used alot. I am sure my feedback does not add much use as far as programming but I wanted to add it to stress how important I feel it is that this application is very inviting to use for the average person. This is exactly what is needed to bring this amazing technology to the people for mass adoption. I really appreciated being able to be a part of it!
Submitted by 0x0e4cB1Ca39313a34b92CE39ba78748F7edD71E15