#v3 testnet #feedback my testnet V3

from here testnet V3 I will give feedback about my experience using testnet in this V3, even though the V3 application is just a trial but I am very happy to use it because it is very easy, easy to understand, its features are unique and interesting for me personally, starting from swap, in this V3 you can also swap coins from coins to other coins which are like coins on the ETH network for example zks, shiba inu and also many other coins, the supporting coins in V3 I have tried all and the results It’s pretty good and the transaction works quickly too. And in V3 it also provides NFT buying and selling, from when I made mint NFT until the sales process that I did was perfectly successful, and likewise, when I bought it, it was easy, the transaction was safe and more secure. specifically, I have learned everything in terms of NFt, then the deposit and withdrawal process In V3, I tried the deposit feature, and then the withdrawal process, which I did the deposit and withdrawal process is also quite good for me, because I don’t have to wait long for my deposit and withdrawal transactions to enter my wallet address, very easy and easy, hopefully this V3 will be a superior application compared to other swap applications, and also more and more successful continue to make V3 hopefully it will be even more victorious and there will be more users, and those who use it are very satisfied and very good, continue to be successful V3 thank you, and hopefully later on in mainet it will also continue like this without any problems, we all hope for that .Good luck always Make V3 the work of the Zkswap team which is very extraordinary, thank you