#V3 Testnet Feedback# Great work

Great interface, very easy to use and fast transactions within seconds so far… Despite assuring me of 20 - 40 minutes when withdrawing my nft it took it less than 5 minutes to be submitted😋 This is a great work done from the dev.

At first, it took me time to unlock my wallet to the platform… Immediately I get myself in everything was so easy for me, easy swapping, login back was easy, add liquidity so fast also (but my transaction fee was too high when trying to add liquidity then I was charged 1.82 ZKS (almost $50). I hope we won’t face such huge transactions fee when finally launched?:joy:

It’s indeed a great and very simple to use platform, NFT MINTING also was so cool and straight forward to use tho I had so little challenges like; making used of metamask, anytime I tried MINT NFT, trying to upload a picture… It automatically restart all over again but I was able to mint later where I was charged 0.38 ZKS for minting NFT transaction fee… Not bad🤪

I was also able to buy and sell NFT with ease.

Great work I most say so far but kindly help us work on the transactions charges on Add liquidity is so high.