#V3 Testnet Feedback# gunnerBot

Good evening users and development team.

I am fairly new to crypto and nfts so am testing products and services in the space. I was drawn to zkswap after listening to a bankless episode on zero knowledge proofs and the application they may have in scaling blockchain technology. Given this, I was interested to use a test-net version to see first hand some of the applications available.

I tested out the mint and sell nft function as I have not done this previously. I was surprised and pleased with how quick and seamless the process was from mint to listing for sale. The ability to view transactions listed and processed at such speed will be a draw to new users in the space that may be put off by slow processing times and confusion regarding if transactions have been confirmed.

It is my opinion that layer 2’s and the fees they provide have the capability to onboard more casual users into the space, especially in regards to the creation and distribution of nft products. Therefore I would like to see user friendly explanations (maybe in the form of pop ups) similar to the pop up/drop down that explains the process of depositing into L2 throughout the UI when minting/selling etc.

After minting and listing my own nft I browsed the nft mall. Personally, I would like to see added search features added to the UI of this page. I believe most new users will require the ability to search by price/coin that is relevant to them as opposed to scrolling at length. This will allow the user to quickly and easily distinguish their price point and will enhance their experience when searching.

Thanks to all involved with this community and the development team for making this product available and accessible for testing.