#V3 Testnet #Feedback by me

I am fairly new to crypto and nfts so am testing products and services in the space. I was drawn to zkswap after listening to a bankless episode on zero knowledge proofs and the application they may have in scaling blockchain technology. Given this, I was interested to use a test-net version to see first hand some of the applications available.

I tested out the mint and sell nft function as I have not done this previously. I was surprised and pleased with how quick and seamless the process was from mint to listing for sale. The ability to view transactions listed and processed at such speed will be a draw to new users in the space that may be put off by slow processing times and confusion regarding if transactions have been confirmed.

It is my opinion that layer 2’s and the fees they provide the capability to onboard more casual users into the space, especially in regards to the creation and distribution of nft products. Therefore I would like to see user friendly explanations (maybe in the form of pop ups) similar to the pop up/drop down that explains the process of depositing into L2 throughout the UI when minting/selling etc.

L1 gas extraction of 40 USDT may not be particularly good.

NFT cannot be sold in bulk and needs improvement.

You cannot collect your favorite NFTs and buy them in bulk
7.dex is easy to use and fast

It is easy to make NFTs or trade NFTs. However, the filter option makes things easier

The speed of placing orders is very fast, casting NFT is quick and convenient.

New users will not worry about the operation, but there should be an official tutorial to facilitate the operation of new users.

The NFT search function is not perfect, and you can’t find what you want quickly, which may have something to do with classification.


Agree with the NFT filters . There is always to basic to narrow down based on the Token you prefer to buy in and of course a price filter