#V3 Testnet Feedback# he emergence of blockchain technology

The emergence of blockchain technology has the opportunity to profoundly change human life. The popularity of NFT concept makes the landing application slogan shouted by blockchain all year round a reality. In today’s society, the relationship between physical existence, virtual identity and digital entities has become more dispersed and popular. By the beginning of 2021, the usage of NFT and its supporting facilities gas has accounted for 14% of the whole Ethereum network.

I created two beautiful snails in the NFT market and saw them in my wallet
This speed is amazing. It takes at least half an hour to complete the interaction on the ETH main network. I only spent nearly 2 minutes on zkswap, but I waited for 5 minutes to recharge eth to layer 2, except that BSC gave me such a fast feeling. I’ve never met him before. This is really powerful

From my personal operation and feeling, this is my opinion and feedback:

001:At present, there are several main NFT trading markets: opensea, nifty gateway, refactorernft, rarible, superrare and makersplace. Now, zkswap’s NFT market has come. I think the most important thing is the feature. Zskwap should take out places different from other platforms to attract users to trade. It’s not as fast as gas. Only when the features come out will traders or enthusiasts come to trade

002:In terms of website UI, zkswap is still a purple series. Can this color be changed? V1 and V2 are all such UIs. We are used to being conservative and lack some innovation. I have seen it countless times in the launch of small rockets on the transaction page. The new version should correspond to the new UI and interface design, such as the update of the previous paragraph and the optimization of subtle buttons, There are many things that we will find if we do better!

I haven’t found anything else worth telling zkswap at the moment. I hope the team will get better and better!


In addition, I think the test network should last for a few more weeks. I want to test it in my spare time at the weekend