#V3 Testnet Feedback# Mostly a good experience

I have been trying out these upcoming test nets for ZKrollups and this has been the easiest one to operate. I started first with ZKsync in learning about ZK rollups and it spoiled me… After that it was a three ring circus of hoops. Chase this API, locate a url in a page of code, fun like a dentist appointment.

The ZKsync wallet in layer two feels sleek, a lot like my meta mask. For the negative, I had transactions fail when converting eth to usdc or vice versa a few times before succeeding. The UI currently feels fancy like a New York stock trader but I would like to see something that leaves the average consumer not feeling overwhelmed.

All in all I think ZKsync is about a month ahead of the competition, keep up the hustle and this ZK rollup will be the first polished.