#v3 Testnet #feedback new project V3

Learning from the V2 testnet, in my opinion, it is better than V2 with more perfect features than V2. the problem with buying and selling NFT… still confused, how to buy or sell the NFT, the problem is there is no complete detailed way, how to sell or buy, thank you :pray: If the swap problem in V3 I still understand, it’s still the same as in V2 it’s easy and easy…hopefully we can give more detailed instructions,

how do we sell the NFT we have… the sequence is still confused…hopefully it can be further developed how do I buy NFT or sell it, thank you… but the way the zkswap team works in my opinion is good, but I still have a few problems, namely one problem selling and buying NFT which I don’t really understand how to do… hopefully later on there is an easier and more efficient way of how. congratulations to the skzwap team who have worked hard to make this V3…(hopefully it will be even better, and become a very good project for zkswap in the future)…we all crypto users wish Zkswap the best… good luck always… :heart::heart::heart::star2: