#V3 Testnet Feedback# NFT is the best

I was very lucky to be invited to participate in the test application. I experienced it smoothly according to the test requirements today, which surprised me and was ecstatic. First, the application interface is simple and beautiful, which looks very comfortable; The function keys are very clear and it is easy to find what you want; Delivery is very convenient, one click completion; The NFT layout is very clear and the introduction is generous, which makes people very comfortable. The purchase of NFT is also completed with one click, and the handling fee is very low and fast; It is also very convenient to sell NFT. One click sales and fast delivery speed. It is also very convenient to create NFT. Just link the wallet without too many cumbersome operations. This is what I want most.
I was very happy to see the team’s efforts and achievements from the beginning to the present. The team is working hard and hopes to make persistent efforts to develop into a great application in the near future. I will always support the growth of the project side, and ZKS is the best.
my wallet adress:0xc2893a33ca7d0884c245ac0a7a2045272620d11f