#V3 Testnet feedback# Nft mint, buy, sell and swap experience

NFT one of the most valuable asset in current blockchain industry. Many corporate level company and influencer already start focus on it. Somedays ago we saw twitter minted their nft. Unicef planning to minted their nft to help poor. Also pepsi will launch their genesis nft tomorrow’s. Sunny leone one of the indian most popular heroine and former porn actress already launched her nft on marketplace. We saw waqar yunus a Pakistani world cup winner already launched his nft on binance marketplace.

So definitely nft has a bright future. Everyone loves it because of It’s uniqueness. Everyone knows in future nft will be the future art. That’s why people start focus on that sector.

Thank you zkswap to give us the chance of minting nft without costing any minting fees. That us really good because in ethereum network the gas fees are too high it is almost impossible for normal users to mint their on nft ethereum.

The testnet features are super cool. I fall in love with it hope the design will remain same in the mainnet. This is a design which will love all people. Minting process also super cool i never seen something. I never though that will be that easy. Honestly i though nft minting process is a hard process. After testing test my thought changed completely. This is the easiest process in blockchain industry. No need to special 5 knowledge to mint nft. Anyone can mint their nft via the help of ZKSwap easily. The process is so easy. Also selling is so simple. Any one can buy sell and mint their nft on marketplace. The dashboard was alao so good any one can find their nft on Marketplace easily. Thank you team to bring us this type of awesome platform. We are really happy to mint and sell our nft.