#V3 testnet #feedback NFT Testing and Feedback

The appears to be no problems that I could find, but I have a suggestion or two. Also, If I would have found any bugs I would have listed them here, but everything went smoothly. After creating a profile in order to create, buy, and sell an NFT, I moved on to the next step in testing, I then went about creating a NFT of a picture of a purple bud grown this year and labeled it. Afterwards, I uploaded the one I had on just created with no issue. I like that the media file has its own descriptor badge underneath to identify the collection to which the file belongs. I first listed the NFT for sale and a low price, with no issue. I liked the little rocket ship animation during transactions. I then try to cancel the listing and listed it for a stupid high price since this is the test network, and again had no problem changing the price or delisting the NFT.

I am interested in making more photos and other media in the near future for the platform after launch. All in all I say that you have a good platform here and I am interested in contributing more moving forward.

Here is the one suggestion that I had about the NFT section.

feedback zk share

I noticed that there is only a few ways to share the NFT in the share link. My only suggestion at the moment would be to put in a Telegram link in with the share function, and maybe an odysee or youtube link as well. The links for share all seem to be working fine. I was able to share from each of the options given. If there is any more testnet or other testing feedback needed feel free to shoot out a mass email and put me on there. :zap: :zap: :fire:

telegram: Baked Fields

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Link to me feedback tweet: