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Good project zks

Testnet tokens were sent to the layer 2 wallet. first they were ZKS and USDT. upon unlocking my wallet a 2nd time, they changed to WBTC and USDT. then unlocking again, they changed back. the look of V3 is very clean and appealing. Opening the NFT page, some showed up blank. Same with the NFT Mall page. Reopening the page, all looked good. Clicking the Mint NFT page, i was able to edit my profile and upload audio. Wanted to change the file but was unclear where to click. Found out by simply clicking the empty space in the upload NFT section. insufficient amount of tokens to mint NFT. Am i supposed to swap USDT for ETH? love that you pick a token to use for gas fee. swap is only 1 usdt. figured it out. tried to mint the first time, received an “unknown error”. tried again and NFT successfully minted! clicked the link and opened up with my audio/video NFT in a new tab showing transaction details. overall easy process!