#V3 Testnet Feedback# Positive experience

Hi everyone.
The creation and trading of NTF opens up endless prospects for artists and traders. It is very good that ZKS has qualitatively and seriously solved the problem of expanding its functionality in this direction in V3. NTF brings together cutting edge blockchain technology and creativity in a very beautiful way.
Now every user of the ZKS, if he wants, can try to apply his imagination and creativity in the field of creating and trading NTF.
Combined with low commissions, high transaction processing speed, ZKS is a L2 solution, unique in functionality and ease of use.
I liked the updated interface and the speed of work. Several difficulties, which I wrote about below, did not in the least spoil the first impression. Also, I took the liberty of suggesting you some improvements that I hope will be useful and will find their embodiment.

So, want to share my positive experience from testing.

Works correctly

Wallet connection
Obtaining test tokens

Deposit from L1
Mint NFT


Filter by transactions

Works with errors

When I press “Mint NFT”, I sometimes get a message “No assets”.
After pressing the Mint NFT button, the window for confirming the transaction in the wallet does not appear and the “Unknown error” message appears.

The solution for both cases - reconnect the wallet.

Not work

NFT search by ID
Price chart

My suggestions for improvement

Add filters by tokens to NFT Mall, sort by price, select by price from … to.
Add new Guide to ZKNFT to Tutorials - ZKSwap Wiki (English)

Testing on MS Edge V 96.0.1054.34 + Metamask

Thanks for the new interface. It looks better and is more ergonomic. Thanks a lot for the Complete Guide to ZKNFT - helped a lot with testing.

Guys, you worked hard and long and you got a really good product. I wish you all good luck.

L2 Address: 0x3A7409426f9696a997650315fa4c046625577463