#V3 testnet #feedback swap and NFT nice

After doing the V3 testnet, the results did not disappoint, the results were very good, even though the users are new, sometimes they are still confused but can be overcome, and even then it can and is very easy to understand, for V3 users, let’s be enthusiastic, let’s work together to advance and advance for the progress of this V3 testnet, so that it becomes even better, better than v2, because in V3 we can easily exchange coins, exchange coins on the et network for example:=>

zks, usdt, uni and many other coins, come on V3 users, let’s keep on making this V3 the No. 1 application, keep it up… with easy swap projects, and very good NFT projects for all of us… . even though it’s just a testnet but it’s already very good in my opinion, suggestions for zkswap V3 continue to improve the shortcomings and complaints of users in every zkswap V3 user forum…hope you always succeed for zkswap V3…hope it works even better :pray: