#V3 Testnet #Feedback welcome V3 swap

Not an easy job for the V3 teams who have struggled to make this V3, thank you zkswap V3… :pray: Even though it’s just a testnet, I think this V3 is already good… After I made DEX transactions, swaps and purchases and NFT payments, the results were very satisfying… For the ; 1.swap => it is divided into 2 swaps which I think is very good to be applied in this V3, because we not only need a normal swap, but here V3 in my opinion is a very extraordinary Swap, there can be 2 swaps in 1 application This V3… really cool in my opinion :+1:

. 2. NFT project => this project may also be unimaginable, there is a swap application that adds NFT in it, that is also very good, so we don’t have to bother buying NFT, or selling NFT that we have to those who need NFT… 3. the payment is very easy, very fast in one swap, for example we swap zks to usdt or usdt to zks very easily, directly connected to all coins registered on the etherium coin network, very good… :+1::+1:. There’s no bad word, I think it’s very good in this V3 … hopefully in the future it can also be like this, it will even get better with a variety of interesting features, so that it attracts crypto enthusiasts to use V3 as the best swap application… … Good luck zkswap, thank you for all the V3 fighters feedback :heart::heart::heart: