#V3 Testnet Feedback# This is a perfect experience! Talk about my feedback and suggestions on V3

I’m glad ZKSwap V3 beta is coming!! Facts have proved that ZKSwap’s team has been working silently, using a small number of hair to hold users to work overtime to catch up with projects, and strive to create a more perfect ZKS ecology. Because my profession is also software engineering! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The article is a little long and some important points have been marked out for your convenience.

Today, I will share my feelings with the experience process and put forward my suggestions and feedback.

First, enter the V3 test network home page.

I think this V3 upgrade is the biggest change in many product iterations. The benchmark color of the interface of the whole V3 test network has changed from lifeless and cold black to more lovely and warm sunshine pink. In this way, one of the biggest benefits is to give users a good affinity like UNISwap, so that users unconsciously have a sense of identity and favor for the product. I believe that the team’s decision-making and UI designers contribute a lot to this.

The navigation bar of the home page has also been greatly optimized. For example, L2 Swap and L2 Pool have been incorporated into the pull-down menu of L2 Trade. The pull-down menu under More in the navigation bar has also become richer, with terms of service, tutorials and various communication platforms added. This can make the user experience more hierarchical.



Let me talk about the problems and suggestions I found on the V3 test network home page.

1.The “Mining” function was not developed, resulting in no asynchronous refresh of the whole page and no display directly. I don’t know whether the link was not provided or not. I hope the team can supplement it.

2.The link jump of “Mobile App” is not perfect. When clicking the Mobile App button, although the website is the website of the official website, there is no mobile app interface under the website of the official website. If it is a new user, it may be more difficult to understand. If you can click the mobile app button on the official website to jump to the interface, it will be more perfect.

3.There is a drop-down button on the right of rinkeby. I’m not sure whether this button is useful. V1 version is not available. If not, I’d like to change it. It will have a misleading effect on users.


4.At present, V3 test network only supports English version. I hope the team can add more language versions, because zkswap is for users in all countries around the world and hopes to bring convenience to users in more countries.

5.When jumping from V3 beta to V2, I suspect that there is a problem with the link. In contrast, the function of jumping to zkswap V1 is successful. I believe the team can solve this problem quickly.


6.The ZKSwap logo on the V3 beta home page does not add a hyperlink to the official website. This is a function of both V1 and V2. I don’t want such a convenient function to disappear.

Then I entered V3 explorer.

Compared with V2 Explorer, the interface of V3 Explorer also has great changes. First, an eye-catching search bar is added. Compared with the small search bar at the top of V2 Explorer, the eye-catching large search bar is more convenient.


Similarly, let me talk about the problems and suggestions I found on V3 Explorer.

1.When V3 Explorer enters the app jump, it jumps to the V2 version of APP instead of ZKSwap V3 app.


2.The ZKSwap logo on the V3 Explorer home page does not add a hyperlink to the official website.

Thank you very much for the V3 test network tutorial provided by the project team.

I started to experience the V3 test network.

According to the tutorial process, I first turn on the test network of metamask in the setting, which needs to be set in the setting.

Then log in to the twitter account on the paradigm official website provided in the tutorial, get 1eth as the token of this test, and deposit this 1eth on L2. In this process, I only waited for 5 minutes, which was a surprise.


Then I trade 0.1eth as ZKS token, and I can succeed in 1 second!!!
I can even set the handling fee, and the transaction function is perfect.


I started working on the most anticipated NFT feature

I first improve my personal information and add my twitter home page.

Then I started Mint NFT. I created two NFTs, one is my work and the other is my cartoon photo.
I believe this is unique and memorable in the world.


After the creation was successful, I began to price the works, using ZKS and eth as currencies respectively.

And buy someone else’s NFT

Let me talk about the problems and suggestions I found in NFT function.

1.I want to add category search and sorting functions on the NFT store, such as adding categories for eth payment and ZKS payment. And price ranking, because the current NFT price setting is too high.

2.Add NFT commodity categories on NFT stores, such as animation, sports and games, so that users can choose according to their hobbies.

3.Price classification in NFT store, below $100, below $1000 and below $3000, which is convenient for users to choose the price suitable for themselves.

4.Change the pop-up mask layer related to NFT to click the external close instead of the current close button, because I think the close button is too small.

In general, the V3 experience is amazing, and I’m glad to have such high-quality products. The overall experience has become very smooth, and even the loading speed of web pages has become much faster. I believe that the future of ZKS is more promising. I also hope that the team can continue to work hard, communicate more with the community and make zkswap better and better.

The above is my own experience and creation.
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