#V3 Testnet Feedback# : UI, UX, Suggestion and Bugs

Hi there,
I have tested ZkSwap V3 and this is my feedback. Hope this help your team.

I used Brave 1.32.115 Chromium: 96.0.4664.93, with a new profile and metamask installed.

I. Swap and Pool feature.

Deposit to L2

I have deposited ETH from L1 to L2 using ZKSwap like the video I recorded below:

It is quite simple to use, total time for that is about 6 minutes. Not too fast but not bad.

But there’re some points confused me:

  • 1 ETH is worth about 11000 usdt. I don’t know how to get the price of ETH on ZkSwap but on other L2 testnets I don’t have this problem. Although it’s not serious right now because it’s testnet anyway, but this problem shouldn’t be on mainnet. (or ZkSwap is from the future and showing the price of ETH for the next few months :D).

  • On the explorer page there is not much information, almost blank, if possible I think there should be some information about the transaction, eg transaction id, accounts, … or what is possible. Since I see the transaction sent to the contract completed earlier, the information can be seen on etherscan. Anyway this is just a UX suggestion, all functions work fine.

There is a very good point, the function to automatically reload the balance after network confirmation works very well, can be seen here:
auto reload

Swap and Pool

Swap function works fine, I tried swap ETH to ZKS and ZKS to ETH like 2 videos below https://youtu.be/sI6mZhSrvB8,

Add Liquidity also work well: https://youtu.be/sE-duSf-nJw

This part has good UI/UX.


  • Firstly, I edit my profile page. Good UI, I suggest that the cover photo should be able to be dragged to edit instead of fixed as this.

  • The profile page and NFT minting are still too simple, I suggest adding functions like collections, favorites, collectibles,… and put its into a menu. I think the collections is important, because there are many cases where one needs to create a collection, for example characters, items in the game, images album,…

  • Sell NFT work fine. But I can not see on sale NFT price in profile page, currently I have to click to item page or NFT mall to see the price. Why we don’t display price next to on sale badge, like this?

  • Buy NFT, Transfer NFT work fine.

  • On search bar, currently we can only search by NFT ID, which is hard to find and remember, why we don’t search using name or keyword?

  • There is a small thing which I think is a bug:
    After click on My profile, I have to click to one of the menu items to close the menu, click outside wont work, same problem with User Page menu.

Thanks you for reading my feedback, hope this help your team.

I tweeted my feedback here: https://twitter.com/frankqpw/status/1470322804876660738

My address: 0x8eeC35b13068D945059e37ddF8047a52F21266E6