#V3 Testnet Feedback# User Experience & Minting Feedback

The onboarding Process of V3 is superior to V2 in my opinion. Whereas i was getting a lot of errors on the V2 Mainnet, Rinkey V3 was mostly a smooth experience, apart from using the faucet.

Bridging to L2 took about 10 minutes, which is acceptable. I had some timeouts while trying out the website, but that’s probably expected on a test product.
When setting up my profile to mint a NFT, editing and uploading took a loooong time. Maybe that’s down to high traffic.

During that process my Metamask wallet also repeatedly disconnected from the client, also bugging out the “connect” button - as in reconnecting but it still only showing “connect”.

File Upload did not work for me when minting an NFT. I kept under the 10 MB limit, tried converting files to different formats, removing metadata. That was not a good experience. I ended up buying one from the marketplace, where the transaction was instant. Putting the item up for Sale was also instant.
Incomparable to L1 really. Feels alot like Polygon.
If this is the power of Scaled ETH then i am hyped.

I hope the guideline text on the bottom of the NFT page is filler, as it doesn’t make alot of sense: “Non-fungible tokens are also called non-fungible tokens”.

Swapping worked flawlessly.
Having to unlock the wallet everytime is probably for security reasons but really adds annoyance to the user experience in my opinion.
Already so much clicking to do left and right in DeFi.

Overall implentation is good and i will recommend the platform once V3 is fully rolled out. I really link the little animations, altough the UI in general looks a bit outdated.

I am really looking forward to using the service more often and i am stoked for the future of zkRollup. ZKswap is a good implementation of this transformative L2.

Accessed from: Europe