#V3 Testnet Feedback# V3

I tied the ZK swap V3 today, I came to know about it through Twitter and immediately hooped onto try it and I was amazed on how quick and smooth the transactions went through. Although I am new to test net and all but it was easy for me even as a beginner. The transactions went on super quick and I was even able to mint my NFT easily, but the only issue I faced was sometimes the websites freezes (may be it was due to the traffic) but I request the team to please look into the problem even when trying to connect with the wallet it sometimes does not respond and the website freezes.

I truly loved the website design, functions, features tried out most of it and I am sincerely looking forward for this project.

My address : 0xD2097CD0BF905cC3e6CE20Af4E12bC06eA9a07EE

Today I tied to ZK exchange V3, I learned about it via Twitter and immediately tried it out, I was amazed at the speed and smoothness of the transaction. As a beginner, it is easy to learn how to exchange and mintNFT, etc. Besides, the design of the website is very good, simple, clear function, convenient and quick transaction. I am looking forward to the official launch of the project

My address: 0 x53aa991b2a2a1b6ce7b54747b9bea230c61603bf