#V3 testnet #feedback zks for future

after i was adventurous and tried this v3 here i will give you my experience with Testnet v3… I’ll be fair so i didn’t have a very good experience although it wasn’t too bad… Exchanging takes a little while and the confirmation time it takes is quite a lot in besides that for the rinkbey faucet must be fixed because it takes a very long time to enter this l2 wallet and There is a slight problem in providing liquidity by Eth because there is a minimum amount error, The token part of the list is left without checking because it is not open, and for the nft market I’m quite amazed in terms of its very simple design and I really like it…That is my personal experience, using this v3 testnet feature.
and my other suggestion for nft should be more focused either on mining using nft or zks launching a lot of nft itself this will have a very good impact on zks going forward so for 2022 I hope zks can focus mainly on the nft market. thank you