#v3 testnet #feedback Zkswap in the heart,and later

all zkswap friends, after i have adventure and try this v3 here i will tell about my experience when using Testnet v3… I’ll be fair so i don’t have very good experience for this though not too bad… Exchange takes a while and confirmation time it takes is quite many other than that for the rinkbey faucet it must be repaired because it takes a very long time to enter this l2 wallet and there is a slight problem in providing liquidity by Eth because there is an error in the minimum amount, the token part of the list is left unchecked because it is not open, for swap transactions that it’s been pretty good, smooth and perfect, hopefully in the future it will continue to run smoothly as I’m currently using it, there’s no shortage in terms of swaps in my opinion and for the nft market I’m quite amazed by the very simple design and I really like it, maybe the problem is only transactions takes quite a long time, yes I understand that there is no buying and selling process that is as easy as turning our palms, everything is good if in my own opinion, my personal experience, using the testnet v3 feature is what I did this time. and my other suggestion for nft should be more focused whether it’s mining using nft or zks launching a lot of nft itself this will have a very positive impact on zks going forward so for 2022 i hope zks can focus especially on the nft market.

Thank you for being able to create an NFT that sells well in the crypto world market, so that ZKSwap, its name will skyrocket to fame throughout crypto, and become the SWap of choice for all of us Crypto users…ZKSwap is always in our hearts, ZKSwap is always the best…and loved by all of us crypto lovers. my best experience is doing testnet V3, thank you friends zkswap all for creating this very extraordinary work (V3). wallets; 0x3A85Be7C46037aADDb5B6FfC4F9Cb862f71EbD09