#V3 Testnet Feedback# Zkswap feedback

I have been in NFT platforms but this one looks cool. As you can see their UI has a unique design but I suggest there should be a dark mode enabled soon, it is a very smooth and user-friendly interface. This ZKS app platform idea is such a brilliant. I tested it with the Rinkeby Test Network by using Metamask and deposited some funds from the test network faucet. I tried buying and selling NFTs multiple times and my experience was pretty good, there are no errors and bugs encountered so far but only delay but that is normal in every blockchain I think.
The interesting part that caught my attention there was the pool and liquidity thing because I have never seen a DeFi that is included in any other NFT platforms yet. I added and removed some liquidity in the pool even if there are no farms yet. It is totally working fine, with no lag and very smooth transactions.
Now, I can see a huge potential coming from this platform. You can do all you want at one place, as I can see there is a mining feature there that it is unavailable yet. So, we will expect that there will be a lot more are coming. Imagine if this idea will be in L1 that would be a GAME CHANGER!!! I wish we can have that soon too. Exciting times are coming ahead soon. I can say congratulations to the team who brought all these things to us and to the devs who work hard tirelessly for this great project to make things happen. You guys are amazing! Cheers! to more success to come!!!
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