#V3 Testnet Feedback# ZKSwap v3 Testnet by Feirmann

It seems to me that the new technology has great prospects.

There can be many examples, but the simplest one is art. Digital art or digital copies of art objects. Any painting or statue in the real world is unique. There is an original, and everything else can exist in the form of any copies or variants in any quantity.

zkswap v3 has an elegant and simple design that makes zkswap very modern and easy to learn

for testv3 there might be an error in the shortlink to receive the coin test especially myself where I found the website only to claim the covan network and the goerli network and it took time to find a link to claim the rinkeby test

3 and maybe for the choice of payment method added at checkout for nft purchases because some people definitely miss changing the learning method in the settings menu and surely few people know to change the payment method

for the features of nft creation, nft sale, and nft purchase overall is good but I have a suggestion to add genre to nft sold and nft genre filtering when someone wants to buy nft and hopefully in the future zkswap can reach many users because overall zkswap webtest is good but maybe more improvement in copyright issues for works from customers

First of all, reliability and security are important to me in ZKswap V3, I believe that this is the most important thing that should be taken into account

Given such a huge interest and historical value of NFT , any modern project in the crypt should take into account reality and provide services related to operations with this type of tokens. and I have more expectations of zkswap who have quality from the time of the web test and hopefully zkswap will always be successful

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