#V3 Testnet #Feedback - project

Amazing ZKS is a very good project for the future with good programs and a good team, transparent, well planned and I am sure this project will be successful in the future because there is progress every day.

I’m sure this amazing project will burn in the future, brilliant business from genius brain with the latest technological energy.

Let’s take the opportunity and be a part of this project to make into a perfect life the dedication and ingenuity of the team supported by amazing fans, I am very happy to be a part of ZKS

But there are also some cons:
I cannot pack my 5 NFT for sale
I sometimes had the site freeze on the L2 trade page
When it comes to copyright protection, can the authorities set me or some qualified candidates as certified NFT market participants? There is too much noise in the market at present, which can easily cause bad money to drive out good money.

Hopefully this can help the team’s progress in the future, this feedback is given out of concern for ZKS so that it can develop properly and comfortably for users.
zkswap v3 has an elegant and simple design that makes zkswap very modern and easy to learn

for testv3 there might be an error in the shortlink to receive the coin test especially myself where I found the website only to claim the covan network and the goerli network and it took time to find a link to claim the rinkeby test

3 and maybe for the choice of payment method added at checkout for nft purchases because some people definitely miss changing the learning method in the settings menu and surely few people know to change the payment method

for the features of nft creation, nft sale, and nft purchase overall is good but I have a suggestion to add genre to nft sold and nft genre filtering when someone wants to buy nft and hopefully in the future zkswap can reach many users because overall zkswap webtest is good but maybe more improvement in copyright issues for works from customers

Thanks to all the people behind this project!