ZKStation #ZKSwap Rebranding#

#ZKSwap #Rebranding

Good evening to everyone who reads this post

How long have you been watching StarWars movies?

Most recently, I was reviewing StarWars and plunged into this amazing universe again, then a very cool idea came to my mind – why not change the name to ZKStation

It sounds both solid and simple. Even the name of the token will remain the same, which is very convenient, for example, to preserve the history of the existence and development of ZKSwap

I immediately imagine a grandiose space facility that has its own ecosystem, a huge number of functions are performed inside – just like we have very soon, Swaps, DEX, Mining, NFT’s, layer2 to layer1 and layer1 to layer2 NFT transfers, and on BSC and other chains too!

We definitely need a name that includes much more than "Swap”

And ZKStation will remain relevant with any significant expansion and growth of ZKS. ZKStation is the heart of the DEX world, the world of cryptocurrencies, a haven for every experienced or inexperienced traveler and explorer of this vast and mysterious world

One day humanity will go to conquer outer space and explore other planets and colonize them, to search for life, new phenomena, substances, species of living organisms. Space stations will become an ordinary integral part of human life in the future

And ZKStation will be ready for these responsible steps

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