#ZKSwap Rebranding#set sail

I’m glad the project team had the idea to rename zkswap to cover Layer 2-based payments, DEX, and NFT functionality, and listen to our suggestions for the future.

I know the team has developed a lot of products over the past year and we are looking forward to zKswap V3 and experiencing the magic of NFT.

The ** team wanted to change their name, which is exactly what I wanted, because our name is often compared to ZkSync, which will have an impact on our development. **

** I’m sure zkswap is better than them. **

  1. My suggestion for zkswap renaming is ** “Niva” **, which means ** “Nirvana” **. I feel that under the current circumstances, our program needs a chance to grow from the ashes

Nirvana leads to a higher peak. The LRC has reached a higher pinnacle and we can learn from them. Give everyone confidence.

  1. Future planning of the project

First of all, WE hope that the project team can release ZKswap V3 as soon as possible to attract users to hold ZKS through NFT.

Then, I hope the project team can go on binance. I’m sure this will be of great help to us.

Finally, more new activities, such as air drops and mobile mining, were introduced.

** I believe this project will reach its peak just like IRC. **

This is my design. Hope the team adopt!!