#ZKSwap Rebranding# ZKSwap renaming and development suggestions

First of all, I appreciate the idea of renaming the project,rebrand ZKSwap to cover layer 2-based payment, DEX, and NFT features,And listen to our suggestions for future development. :star_struck:

I know that the team has developed many products in the past year, and I also see that the project team has paid a lot for ZKSwap. :blush:

1.My suggestion for renaming zkswap is “NGU”. which is the abbreviation of “never give up”.
I think that under the current situation, each of our users should maintain a belief and be accompanied with confidence,ZKSwap to glory, never give up!!, One day we can become the envy of others.
Each token has its own trough period. For example, LRC has finally ushered in a new era after experiencing a trough recently Their glory.


2.Let me talk about my suggestions for the future development of the project:

First, the team continues to be able to iterate more products and complete the ecology as soon as possible

Then, after having a certain ecology, vigorously promote it as soon as possible, withdraw from new mobile mining and airdrop activities, and attract more users.

Finally, more platforms, such as binance, are settled, hoping to be promoted as soon as possible.

The above is my suggestion. I will be grateful that the team will adopt my suggestion. thank you!