#ZKSwap Rebranding# Not only a new name

Hi there, hi ZKSwap team and L2lab,
I was glad when heard this topic and I was thinking to much for that. I believe, this is not only a new name but also a new chapter of ZKSwap.
Okay, let start with my proposal for rebranding of ZKSwap.
I believe it should be:

  • Name: NCF Token
  • Symbol: NCF

For the name:
In finance, NCF is Net Cash Flow. It is also a property of blockchain where cash flow is transparent even though Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) based.
NCF is also Needed Confirmatory Factor or Need a confirmatory factor. This is exactly ZKP.
NCF is also Non-currency Finance, that is a great feature of cryptocurrency.
NCF is Next Currency Foundation
And there’re quite many meanings that we can explain with NCF. That’s why I don’t put a meaning in the new name I proposed, I called NCF token is a proper noun like Ethereum, Bitcon or Google. Let users define what it means by themselves. By this way, we can solve a big problem with ZKSwap have been met, no one understand what is ZK, or even when they know ZK means Zero-Knowledge Proof, they still don’t understand that.
Moreover, NCF is sounded same as NFC is a popular protocol on mobile divices. It helps users remember new name easier.
Last but not least, NCF symbol has not been registered, let take it asap.

For the icon:
N in NCF is a result when we rotate Z in ZKS 90 degree clockwise. It means NCF is a next generation of ZKS, a bigger, better and more perfect version.
It also means NCF has inheritance from its predecessor - ZKS. We’re continuously improving.
By this way, we can still re-use many media resource of previous version.

I found ZKS from Certik when it ranks #14 on that ranking, but it doesn’t shine like its brothers such as 1INCH, Polygon, Binance. Market cap of ZKS is only around $100M while market cap of a sh*t coin is greater than that, or even 10 time of ZKS. That’s a big responsibility of ZKS team. I can’t remeber ZKS totally, sometime I type ZSK or SKZ. Therefore, I hope through this change, ZKS will wear a new jacket but still there’s a great power inside.
I am holding quite many ZKS :grinning:

If reward is possible, my ZKS (ERC20) wallet is: 0x17F0490Be149D10A5a3f80C687bC9C8c9eb1b569

I didn’t know why my post was marked as a spam, therefore, I re-post here.

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If you’re interested my idea and project is hiring a marketing position, I am available for that. Contact me: hello@dangchiviet.com

Vote for me to make ZKS great again :star_struck: