#ZKSwap Rebranding# zks moon

I was happy to hear about it. I thought about it a lot. I believe this is not only a new name, but also a new chapter for ZKSwap.
Ok, let’s start with my suggestion for the rebranding of ZKSwap.
I think it should be:

Name: NCF token
Symbol: NCF
Why NCF?
For names:
In finance, NCF is net cash flow. It is also a property of blockchain that cash flows are transparent even based on zero proof of knowledge (ZKP).
NCF is also a validation factor or validation factor. This is exactly ZKP.
NCF is also non-monetary finance, which is a major feature of cryptocurrencies.
NCF is the next monetary fund
We can explain a lot in terms of NCF. That’s why I didn’t add meaning to the new name I proposed. I called the NCF token a proper noun like Ethereum, Bitcon or Google. Let the user define what it means. So we can solve a big problem that ZKSwap has already encountered, no one understands what ZK is, even when they know ZK means zero knowledge proof, they still don’t understand.
In addition, NCF sounds the same as NFC is a popular protocol on mobile devices. It helps users remember new names more easily.
Last but not least, the NCF symbol is not registered yet, let’s deal with it as soon as possible.

N in NCF is the result of rotating Z in ZKS by 90 degrees clockwise. This means that NCF is the next generation of ZKS, a bigger, better, more perfect version.
This also means that NCF inherits its predecessor - ZKS. We are constantly improving.
In this way, we can still reuse many media resources from previous releases.

I found ZKS from Certik, which was ranked 14th at the time, but it didn’t shine as brightly as brothers like 1INCH, Polygon, Binance, etc. ZKS has a market cap of only about $100 million. A SH * T coin is worth more than that, or even 10 times that. This is a big responsibility for the ZKS team. I can’t remember ZKS completely and sometimes I type ZSK or SKZ. So, I’m hoping that with this change, ZKS will wear a new jacket, but there’s still a lot of power inside.


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