#ZKSwap Rebranding# #ZKSapphire

Hello ZKSwap team, I also decided to take part in the event. Suddenly my proposal will be the final one for the title, it would be super


Sapphire (sapphiros) is a gemstone of various shades, one of the varieties of corundum. The name of the sapphire comes from the Latin “Saphirus” and the Greek “Saphiros”, both of which mean blue.

Sapphires have a rich color scheme, in addition to the classic blue stones, there are also colored sapphires - jewelry-quality corundum specimens of orange, pink-orange, garnet-red, yellow, green and pink colors, as well as colorless stones. Star sapphires are highly valued - varieties of stone with a well-defined asterism effect. However, most of all, the cornflower blue velvety color of moderate intensity is appreciated in sapphire.

A dark-colored sapphire, unlike an emerald of deep colors, is valued less.

The blue color of sapphire is caused by the presence of impurities of titanium (Ti) and iron (Fe). An admixture of chromium gives a pink color, such corundums are often called rubies. Vanadium turns sapphires purple. Iron without titanium admixture - in yellow and greenish tones.
Synthetic leucosapfires are used for the production of high-strength optically transparent elements - portholes of space stations, protective glasses of optical means of rockets and airplanes, protective glasses of screens in mobile phones, watches and cameras of the highest price segment, in the production of armored glass.
Sapphire is my favorite stone, besides


sounds beautiful and noble. Therefore, my choice was on him.


The rebranding is part of a pretty good change. This is a good proof that the project is really developing, the number of available functions is increasing, the name, design and style are changing. What does not change and does not develop remains behind, and this is just not about ZKSwap. I believe that my favorite project will be in the top 50 existing cryptocurrencies, and will also bypass all existing L2 projects, decentralized exchanges, NFT marketplaces, possibly after the release of V3