#ZKSwap V3 #NFT Mind

1、 For the current NFT field, the biggest problem of NFT lies in its liquidity. Although the concept has been around for more than three years, the integration of NFT and finance is still missing. The main reason is that most NFT assets are priced primarily in ETH. However, if NFT assets fall in the market, ETH prices will affect the loss. What’s more, it’s hard to find buyers.

2、Expectations or recommendations for Layer2 to support NFT

Before v3 is released, there will be tutorials on how to create your own NFT works, and there will be modules for sorting and searching works, which will make it easier for users to search.

3、 Expectations and suggestions for ZKSwap mobile terminal to support NFT
The personal mobile terminal is not very cold and occupies memory, so it needs to re-enter mnemonic and cannot log in directly with the unified private key. The software often comes with anti-virus and virus reporting software. The current payment method, Metamask plug-in is widely used, after all, there is no scanning code transaction scene at ordinary times.

4、Interoperability between different DApps and game ecosystems so that utilities are no longer tied to a single game/application scenario
Immutability, ensuring that the item survives no matter which game it comes from and prevents it from being tampered with or copied
True ownership, because the item becomes the digital property of the holder, has a verifiable permanent record on the blockchain and can be freely traded or transferred

5、Your personal experiences or insights about your involvement in the design, publishing or trading of NFT
①you can charge a certain fee to add a small number of advertising columns on the home page;
② it is best not to limit the lowest price of the work;
③ If you cooperate with some games, art, music, etc., mark the official logo on the account
④ Add price range sort in the purchase interface. If the price range is too large, you can specify the price on the range screen
⑤if you do not go the domestic route, you can recruit some bloggers to YouTube Chinese tutorials in the test network stage