#ZKSwap V3 #NFT The magic of

  1. To the current NFT field
    The biggest problem with NFT is its liquidity. Although the concept has been around for more than three years, the integration of NFT and finance is still missing. The main reason is that most NFT assets are priced primarily in ETH. However, if NFT assets fall in the market, ETH prices will affect the loss. What’s more, it’s hard to find buyers.

  2. Expectations or recommendations for Layer2 to support NFT
    Before v3 launch, there will be how to create your own NFT works tutorial, can have work classification and search module, convenient for users to query, let the screen look more concise.

  1. Expectations and suggestions for ZKSwap mobile terminal to support NFT
    Personal mobile terminal is not very cold, occupying memory, and need to re-enter a mnemonic, can not use the unified private key to log in directly, the software often comes with anti-virus software to report viruses, the current payment method, the use of Metamask plug-in is more, after all, there is no scanning code transaction scene at ordinary times.

  2. Thoughts on current problems in the NFT field
    I am not your average NFT trader. But sometimes I use OpenOcean to trade NFT. Now I really like this type of art. This is the future. We live in a decentralized world, which I think will be worthless in a few years. People are using their real life art, music, and video as NFT. My expectations for v3 NFT from Zkswap are very simple. Zkswap should focus on quality rather than quantity. Just let good artists cast their art as NFT and avoid the low quality NFT on the market.