Generation on #V3 testnet #feedback

hello zks, first of all i am very happy to test v3 with the flagship feature i.e. nft there i found nft which is very cute and i want to buy it but i am looking for the lowest price option i can’t find it and i am having trouble finding it, i beg for the team in the features nft can be provided for that option.
just to get a better experience. I find ui,ux quite easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. but I’m having trouble swapping between different wallet addresses via Metamask. While trying to switch between wallets I found that the disconnect button didn’t seem to be responding and required me to manually disconnect my wallet via metamask then refresh the ZKswap page. This then allows me to connect the desired wallet. It’s not a big deal but it’s clunky and time consuming.
The error message pop-up appears and disappears too quickly.
The error message should show at least 5 seconds or have a ‘read/don’t show this again’ prompt
The error message will be displayed under the SWAP button in red text instead of a popup if possible and for the nft feature I think it deserves a thumbs up because it is very easy and simple to use. best on v3

l2 : 0x24fB6a81AC59eae93c6e685A754794Ca1991688F