#V3 Testnet #Feedback unremittingly

Good afternoon, everyone. I’m Xiaobai. I’m here to summarize my feelings about using ZKS:

  1. When I switch ZKS V2 or ZKS V1 in ZKS V3, there are blank and loading failure scenarios. I’m not sure why. I hope I can get a patient answer.
  2. Minor problems in NFT creation:
    Then when I ZKS V3 went to create the NFT, I didn’t specify the service charge
    If I need to delete NFT, I can’t find a place
    And it can’t be modified
    There is also the fact that I can’t switch pages when I’m creating it, which has caused me a lot of helpless trouble for a little cute new

Well, you can’t view the function by name when creating NFT. Of course, this is only a suggestion, not everyone

  1. Although I also have a beta V2 version, the interface theme is really good. Please don’t worry about the theme any more
  2. The cost is not so low. The liquidity of $40 is still relatively high
    Next, I will summarize the better points;
  3. The interface upgrade is very good. I feel that the official is still very attentive. Of course, I like it very much.
  4. Here’s a good point. It’s easy to create NFT. I can easily create NFT even without creating configuration files and source files.
  5. The fluency of the platform has also been optimized.
  6. Selling NFT is very fast and convenient.
  7. Security I still trust ZKS’s execution. Everyone can choose to trust it.
    It would be great if you can solve the user’s problems. I will always support you. Thank the zkswap team for their efforts!
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